Dental prosthesis BPS – Aesthetic and Comfortable

The BPS * prosthesis is a dental prosthesis that allows you to eat comfortably and speak confidently. It represents a new alternative for patients who can’t have a prosthesis on dental implants. The natural appearance of BPS prostheses gives patients a reason to smile. The high quality of this type of prosthesis is guaranteed by…

Solution for ultra-resistant dentures

Do you know that Denture Clinic Solutions Sourire can offer you a solution for more resistant denture? There is an option to add FiBER FORCE® to a new or existing dentures, so that the denture becomes three times more resistant. FiBER FORCE® also provides peace of mind compared to metal arches, because its mesh material…

New product for Denture Wearers

Do you know that a new product is available for denture wearers? It is a dietary supplement composed of multivitamins and minerals called OnePro diet.

Say goodbye to denture adhesive

If you use denture glue frequently to hold your dentures, you should know it’s harmful for you to swallow and digest it.

Advice for Good Hygiene

Rinse your mouth carefully and clean your denture with a soft brush and a cleaning agent, such as soap or denture cleanser after each meal.