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Meet denturist Popova

Denturologiste Stefka PopovaYour smile and your comfort are important, for you and for us too! If you need new dentures (compete or partial), denture over implants or a simple repair to your current dentures, trust in the expertise of our Denture Clinic’s professionals in Laval.

Our denturist Stefka Popova is knowledgeable in advanced technologies and always uses quality materials. She received her degree in Bio-medical engineering at the University of Montreal, where she discovered her passion for Denturology. She continues to regularly train in North America and Europe to stay informed of cutting edge techniques and tools to serve you better.

Miss Stefka Popova works closely with dentists and medical doctors who specialize in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Our advantages


We offer rapid, reliable, and courteous service. We repair, modify and adjust removable dental prostheses with great care and efficiency. We can repair broken dentures in less than an hour, and can fit you with new dentures in a day.

Quality and

Our laboratory uses high quality materials for the fabrication of comfortable and durable dental prostheses. You could have new denture in just one day.

Incomes deductible Services

All fees for our services will be added to your medical and pharmaceutical expenses for the fiscal year and you could obtain a tax credit of up to 30%. For more information, please consult your accountant or the web sites of Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Financing for our services

We offer financing through our partners. For financing in excess of $3 000, we refer to a Dentoplan of the National Bank – without prepayment penalties. All financing is confidential.

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